Current status [Jul 2024]: working with Screenmedia

About us

We wear all the hats...

Having worked with Umbraco for over 6 years, we have seen many iterations of a friendly CMS that allows for unique, bespoke implementations of pretty much anything you can imagine! In that time, we have not been idle. Our founder, Laura Weatherhead, is an Umbraco Certified Expert as well as a 5x Umbraco MVP 2019-present, and we look forward to many more years of promoting and engaging with the changing face of the Umbraco application and community!

Outwith Umbraco, we use a lot of React (Redux, Router & Gatsby implementations) to manifest our visions into reality. We are big lovers of Typescript for use with all JS frameworks and promote the safety that it offers wherever we can. We are also working quite extensively with GraphQL as a way of shaping and serving data to applications, and Laura did a conference talk at the Umbraco Spark Conference this year on using Umbraco with GraphQL.

For the greater good!

On top of enjoying a good problem solving opportunity, we are also super keen on building things that are meaningful (or, at least, helpful!)

In the past Spun has been involved with:

  • mentoring aspiring young developers
  • working with the privacy sector to make app trackers more transparent
  • developing educational games to support learning logical skills at a young age

We are currently working on some proof of concept data architecture to try and make the world of carbon footprinting a more transparent place!

News & Blog

Is it a dark pattern or is it just me?

Dark Patterns tap into a number of our (often subconscious) cognitive hooks and range from the straightforward but annoying "clickbait" right through to sneaking items into your basket because you didn't check the right boxes in the never-ending small print - but what can we do about them?

#dark pattern #ux #accessibility

Fern the Web Developer

A comic exploring the daily exploits of Fern


Setting the Stage

Public speaking can be a daunting experience, but that shouldn't stop you from getting your voice heard! Here, I lay out the process and techniques I use when creating a presentation, alongside hints and tips that I have picked up on my speaking journey.

#speaking #experience

Summary: Community Roundtable Discussion

On the 10th of October, 12 Umbracians got together for the first Community Roundtable Discussion. On the agenda was just one topic: “How to sustain the continuous development of the Umbraco Project and the Umbraco community?” In this post you’ll find the notes from this discussion:

#umbraco #community #roundtable


APK Data Analyser

A front-end application to analyse tracking and permissions data demanded by mobile apps which are publicly available.

#bootstrap #json #reactJs #expressJs

Tracks - carbon footprints

We are looking at ways that we can create a central data source that will allow for the carbon footprinting of any product or service.

#api #sql #graphQL #dataStructures #dataArchitecture

Spun - Umbraco V8 Redesign

The Spun site was needing a bit of a refresh - so it was rebuilt using the latest Umbraco V8 (Cloud) to a brand new design

#umbraco #umbracov8 #bourbon #scss #mvc #csharp